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San Diego Home Loan Refinance

With our vast lender relationships, we can help you with your refinance needs. You may benefit from seeking new loan terms for your current loan. If you want cash out for a home improvement project or need to secure permanent financing for a property you recently acquired, then we can assist you with your loan refinance!

When To Refinance

Adjustable Rate – If you are in a loan that is set to adjust you may be thinking about refinancing. We can help you gain dependable fixed financing.

Often times a loan that is getting ready to adjust will have a higher rate than the initial fixed payment. The rate for an adjustable loan is determined by a specific moving index plus a fixed margin determined by a lender. As a result, your rate could be adjusting monthly, bi-annualy or anualy.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know have certainty regarding your interest rate and monthly payment? This may be a great time for you to refinance! Rates are at an all time low. Because of this, you may want to consider locking an incredibly low rate fixed for 10, 15, 20, 30 or 40 years.

Debt Consolidation – This is a great option if you currently have high-interest debt obligations. With current mortgage rates very low you may benefit from refinancing and paying off higher interest rate credit cards and debt with your California home refinance.

Many banks will loan you money to payoff other debt and refinance your current mortgage. In order to take advantage of this type of loan you need equity in your property. Contact us to see if your debt qualifies.

With credit card rates ranging from 9% to 20% this could be an amazing option to lower your monthly payments. Compare those high rates with current mortgage rates ranging from 5.5% to 7%. This may dramatically lower your monthly payments!

Home Improvements – Are you currently needing to make home repairs on your property? If you want to finance an improvement project, and not use your cash reserves, then ask us about a loan that will give you cash for your next project!

Your can increase the value of your property with the right improvements. By adding an addition to your home you can increase the utility of your home. With additional utility your home may be worth more.

By financing your repairs you can budget the expense of your project over time. Are you planning a construction project? Contact us today for loan details!

Need Permanent Financing – Have you currently acquired a property? If you need a loan because you obtained a property recently with temporary financing, or have recently been assigned title, we can help!

Often times property acquisition is done with temporary means. After the acquisition has been completed your next step may be permanent financing. Maybe you acquired the property by the following:

• Recently been added to title

• Obtained REO at auction

• Inherited property

If you qualify, we can help you get a loan with traditional terms and fixed financing. Contact us today for loan specifics!

Divorce – Divorce is a life changing event that takes careful consideration. As you finalize your divorce, you will inevitably have to address any real property that you are entitled to. If you are going through Divorce and the property is located in CA we can help! Here is how we can assist:

• Payoff of spouse using property’s equity

• Refinance in sole owner’s name

If you are dealing with the division of real property, then we can help by arranging a loan to payoff your spouse, or seek new financing in only your name. Every person’s situation is unique, call us today for a free quote!

The Process

Here is a summary of what you can expect:

1. Contact ScottWay regarding your Refinance

2. We work with you regarding the best strategy to fulfill your needs

3. We take an application and gather information.

4. The details of your application and property will be submitted to your choice of lenders.

5. The lender will review your application and issue a conditional approval

6. Requested conditions from lender will be submitted and reviewed.

7. Loan docs are issued and signed

8. Loan is funded, recorded with the county, and you are now in financial stability with your home! Your California Home Refinance is complete

The overall refinance process will take about 30 days. In some cases, it may happen much sooner!

Items You’ll Need To Provide

1. Income Documentation

2. 2 months Bank Statements

3. Copy of Hazard Insurance

4. Appraisal (We will order)

5. Application (We provide)

6. Credit Report (We will order)

We will collect this information in the beginning of the transaction. On occasion the lender will need some additional info that they may ask for later in the transaction. Most of the time and energy you spend will occur in the beginning of the transaction as we establish your objective and strategy.

Contact us today and let us help you secure financing. By using our vast lender network you are able to maximize your effort. We will shop your scenario with the top lenders to get you the best payment available!


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